Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 29


By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Hey Team, It’s in your best interest to read this entire post.  There’s lots of JUICY stuff. Founders Club and Done-For-You Business Building First of all, as you know, Don and I have been offering a “DONE FOR YOU” package for those of you that go “All-In” in your business. Basically, we do EVERYTHING you […]

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May 15

Are Excuses Killing Your Business?

By Karla Silver | Inspiration

There’s a good chance you’re working too hard. That probably sounds a bit weird coming from me, Karla Silver, the “poster child” for good old fashioned hard work… but I mean it. You’re probably working too hard for the results you’re getting. And today I’m going to explain why. Plus, I’m going to show you the secret to succeeding […]

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