Actions Reflect Results

By Karla Silver | Mindset from Don Silver

Mar 25


We are always rewarded in life based on the diligence we use in the simplest actions we take. It is the basis of the action and results cycle. This is demonstrated in all areas of our endeavors and it was particularly noticed by me in the gym. Most of us have been to a gym at least once and seen the array of cardio equipment and the weights. Have you ever stopped to see how others “apply” themselves to the task of improving their physical presence? I generally think of people as two groups, one is the “achievers” and the other is the “efforters” …

Each group is plainly visible in the gym by the way they utilize the equipment. We see the “efforters” as those who lean and brace themselves on the cardio equipment and the “achievers” as the ones who stand upright and, more often than not, swing their arms as part of their exercise. This simple “cheat” by the “efforters” results in them not seeing any real results – or at the very least not seeing the results they would have if they were part of the “achievers” and not cheating themselves out of their results.

What does all this have to do with life and business and work and all manner of things, you may ask. The simple fact is that the “efforters” are the ones in life who do not take all the necessary actions available to them and often complain about “something is not working for me” when the truth is that they are not “working for themselves” … By cheating yourself out of the potential you demonstrate a willingness to spend your energy on finding shortcuts (these do not work) instead of simply “doing the work” that it would take to achieve that which you desire.

So, is there a solution? You bet there is … start to “do the work” and stop being an efforter. Anyone can move from one side to the other. The world will always reward those who are empowered and empower others. And it also rewards the action takers.

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