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Aug 09

You Got the Gold

By Karla Silver | Personal Development

Normally, I talk about how to build your business, but today I have a different type of message for you. It’s the beloved fable of the Goose who laid golden eggs and how it relates to your health and your wealth. The fable begins with a family whose goose would lay one beautiful golden egg […]

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Jul 27

How To Be A Successful Internet Entrepreneur Like An Olympic Athlete

By Karla Silver | Business

It’s an Olympic year and I love everything about them.  While watching the Olympic trials, I realized there are 5 major similarities between Olympic athletes and successful home business entrepreneur. Extraordinary Focus, Visualization and Meditation Years before they Olympians compete there is an unrelenting focus on winning the gold, they focus on their physical goals, […]

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Nov 22

Gratitude – Free Gratitude Journal

By Karla Silver | Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of gratitude journals. Basically, a gratitude journal is a written record of the things you’re thankful for in your life. We first heard about gratitude journals at a personal development conference we attended in 2008 in Hawaii. But isn’t keeping a gratitude journal kind of new-agey? […]

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