Baby Boomers Work From Home

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Mar 06

Baby Boomers Work From Home

Baby Boomers Working from “Home” (Cap d’Antibes, France)

Between the difficulty of our current economic situation and the increasing ease of starting home based businesses, many Baby Boomers have left their 9 to 5 jobs in favor of working from home.

Even more have been downsized, can’t find a new job and Plan B has been to find a business where they can be a baby boomer working from home.

Baby Boomers Work From Home Advantages

There are many, many benefits that baby boomers working from home can enjoy:

  1. Leverage their experience
  2. Typically have enough capital to ramp up a business
  3. Time freedom – take time with family any time
  4. Plump up retirement funds
  5. Learn new things – internet marketing
  6. Suppliment income
  7. Leverage work ethic
  8. Travel
  9. many more

Supplementing your retirement income and your shrinking 401K doesn’t have to be difficult.  Baby boomers working from home, earning money and starting a new career can be lucrative and interesting and fun.

Baby Boomers Work From Home are Successful

Baby boomers are perfect candidates to work their own businesses from home.  They are more likely to be successful.  What puts many of them off is the idea of being “scammed” (oh how I hate that word) or not being able to learn what it takes to have success from home.  The baby boomers work from home that I know are typically the most successful people in the companies that they are affiliated with.

Many boomers that look at the business that I work are apprehensive about being in an online business.  Don’t be!  We are old enough to know that we can learn anything.  How did we achieve what we did in our jobs?  We learned.

My husband and I are baby boomers working from home.  You are probably a baby boomer if you are reading this.   Explore your options.  Learn.  Understand that your age is not a limitation but an asset.

Let me know if I can help you.

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