Can You REALLY Discover Your Life’s Purpose in Less Than 5 Seconds?

By Karla Silver | Inspiration

Apr 23

What is your life's true purpose?

It's probably simpler than you think.  Too many people confuse their “purpose” with their “mission.”  It's not about what you DO – it's about the mindset you use to approach every moment.

In this (short) five-minute video, a very cool (and smart guy), Brian Johnson, distills the wisdom of some of the greatest spiritual teachers throughout history… And explains why each and every one of us has just one purpose in life:  connecting with our highest source of power.

Both Don and I love personal development, so we're always reading books or listening to uplifting video's and audios.

Brian is a prolific entrepreneur and philosopher with a knack for founding multi-million dollar web businesses. But, like us, he's a…

seeker of knowledge – a learner.

So a few years ago, he sold his bussinesses, moved to Bali and brought all the books that he had been meaning to read for years.

He read HUNDREDS of the greatest personal development books of all time.

He's become someone that I consider a Philosopher.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

What would the highest version of you do in this moment?



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