Carnitas – Gringo Style

By Karla Silver | Recipes from Don Silver

Sep 11

carnitasI had a wild idea for cooking a piece of pork shoulder … for those in the know – shoulder comes from one of the front legs of the piggie and weighs in at over twenty pounds when properly dressed and de-boned. Our offering is part of the shoulder and tipped the scales at around 6 pounds or so. I opened it up with what I could only call a “butterfly” cut and started the cooking process on the bbq – grilled on both sides for about 10 minutes per side and added the pink Himalayan salt as it was cooking. I also grilled 6 Pasilla peppers (halved and seeded) and 4 Jalepenos (also halved and seeded).

Into the cast iron Dutch oven went a few tablespoons of coconut oil and then I quartered 3 small onions and added them to the hot oil. 3 apples – quartered and cored were added and the grilled peppers were added next – imagine the layering of the mix of veggies – NO stirring. In went the grill-marked pork and a dozen or so garlic cloves (whole-with most in the center of the meat). The chosen liquid was two bottles of beer (not saying what kind) … and the oven was set to 275F from about 11:30 until about 5:30pm …

About mid-afternoon the mind-bending aromas began to fill the house and it became almost unbearable by about 5 pm – thus my ending the first part of the activity and beginning the second.

There is not a photographic record of the deed and most of the memories will only exist in our minds, but this is the most amazing piece of piggie that has ever graced our plates.

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