Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs ROCKS

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Oct 06

The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs opened it’s doors to the public October 5, 2013.

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

Outfitted with the usual super-cool rock and roll paraphernalia, the hotel is looking to add to the cache that is Palm Springs.

Don and I mosied over to take a look, and being that it was lunchtime, were crossing our fingers that the powers that be had also put in a Hard Rock (Palm Springs) cafe.  We were hungry.

Walking through the entry doors, with great rock music playing, we were greeted by a nice new lobby that only vaguely felt like the old Hotel Zoso.  The lobby has a sculpture made of old speakers.  Here’s a close up pic:

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs – Pool

The hotel is built around a center courtyard with a pool, where rock and roll is still blasting away, but has a super cool vibe with white towels on all the lounge chairs and beautiful people in bikinis and board shorts laughing and generally having fun.  All agreed that the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs was where it’s at.

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs – Eats

We were only a little disappointed that the hotel didn’t have an actual Hard Rock cafe, but the restaurant (named Sessions) that has a different, more sophisticated menu.  The prices were OK – lunch will cost you about $20/pp and dinner looked like around $40/pp (without cocktails).

The website has this fully quote about the food:

You are what you eat, so we serve dishes that are fresh, attractive and that totally rock, just like you.

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs – Other Stuff

Being the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, you have to expect some cool stuff.  There is a kiosk in the lobby where you can get your picture taken and then post to Facebook/Twitter, etc.  Unfortunately, the Facebook posting didn’t work, but we sent ourselves a copy of the picture via email.  Not sure why this thing is particularly interesting since we could do this whole thing anyway from our phones.  But, it did catch our attention and we DID try it, so…

You can also take advantage of their “music amenity program,” where you can…

  1. Have a Fender Stratocaster delivered to your room and take guitar lessons via your tv, or just jam away
  2. Download a curated set of tracks to your mobile device so that you have music during your stay anywhere you are on the property, or…
  3. Turn your room into a mixing studio with all the stuff you need.   Traktor S2 DJ controller and laptop with a stereo system. If you aren’t quite sure what to do with it, watch the video they send along and you’ll be spinning like the celebrity DJ you are deep down.

You can find out more about me here.

As I said… the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs ROCKS!


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