How to Be a Successful Internet Marketer at Empower Network

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Mar 12

Contrary to what “some people” believe, successful internet marketers don’t just lay around on the beaches of the world doing nothing, while money just piles up in their bank accounts.

Well, maybe there are a few successful internet marketers that do, but, believe me, they’ve put in the work.

What a Successful Internet Marketer Does

I don’t do anything different than any other successful internet marketer does here at Empower Network.  For you curious people, I’ll simply post here the things that I do every single day to be a successful internet marketer here.

  1. I am hyper goal-oriented, so I review my goals every day and take whatever steps I can, on that particular day to move forward.
  2. I listen to at least one of the trainings from the products that I sell.  The $15k formula is my favorite so far.
  3. I meditate or work on some sort of personal development
  4. I blog (you are reading my “work” right now)
  5. I attend my team calls, if there are any

Here’s a video of me working today:


I love that I can live a successful internet marketer‘s lifestyle of my design, not anyone else’s.

Are YOU willing to do what it takes to be a successful internet marketer here at Empower Network?

If so, go to /join.php?id=ksilver and get it done.

Here’s to you becoming a successful internet marketer!

I am grateful to the two knuckleheads that put this opportunity together.

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