Inspiration Mondays – Freedom Isn’t Free

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

May 27

Every Monday, I share something that inspires me.  
Check out the video below for a reunion story that will
bring a tear to your eye!

I want you to know, that YOU inspire me.  Wherever you are in the world or in your life, I know that you are facing challenges.

However, no one faces more challenges than the people that stand up for our freedom.

Here in the United States, today is the day that we honor those that have lived and died for our freedom.

Regardless of your political opinions, or where are you from, all of us have a huge debt to pay to those that have given up their time, their health, or even their lives for our freedom.

Living a life where the “money thing” is taken care of isn’t any different.  It requires standing up for what we believe in.  It requires a “fight” (work).  It requires sacrifice of time.  It requires risk, strategy and leadership.

If you are looking to win your own personal war for freedom, let’s fight together.




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