Inspiration Mondays – FREEDOM!

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Jul 01

Here in the United States, we’re celebrating our FREEDOM this Thursday.

I don’t know about you, but my #1 goal is FREEDOM.

FREEDOM from worry about bills and monetary responsibilities.
FREEDOM to do what I want when I want.
FREEDOM to travel the world whenever and whenever I want.
FREEDOM to have, do and be whatever I want.
FREEDOM to give back to the world in a big way.

For me, to have the kind of FREEDOM I’m looking for, I must be wealthy.

The most powerful turning point in my life was when I realized that — if I wanted to become wealthy — the smartest thing I could do was to quit my job.

One of the smartest and most successful men on the planet explains why in this video:

Of course, it’s not my place to tell you that you should quit your job.

But I will say this: for ME…..I would not have stretched myself and worked as hard to become successful if I’d had the security blanket and safety-net of a salary.


Life is short. It’s way shorter than we think. And when you look around and see the number of people who do stuff that they absolutely do not enjoy just to get some money….

….well, that’s messed up.

You can get money in about a billion different ways that are honest and ethical. And probably a few million of them are different kinds of fun for people.

Here’s what’s fun for me:

And it lets me drive what I want to drive… where I want to live…..wear what I want to wear……shop where I want to shop… where I want to travel and do it all with the people that I’m in love with.

Life doesn’t suck. Life is AWESOME.

It only sucks when you’ve chosen to spend it doing things that you dislike.

Stop doing that.

Be free.

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