Inspiration Mondays – One of the Most Memorable Turnovers of All Time

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Jun 24

Who Will You Assist Today?

As Miami honors the Heat today with a parade, I’m thinking about another basketball team.

I’m not thinking about the Spurs.

I’m not thinking about the Lakers, or Bulls, or any other professional team.

I’m thinking about the Coronado High School Thunderbirds.

See why here:

I’d like to nominate that kid for an MVP.  His selflessness in turning over the ball to Mitchel is one of the most memorable turnovers of all time.

As a coach, I know that I must be a leader, a BEACON for the possible.  I know that I must convey a desire to excel, to win.

But most of all, I must be able to give an assist to the person that wants it and deserves it today.

How can I assist you?

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