Inspiration Mondays – Remember When You Were a Kid

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Jun 16

Do you remember when you were a kid and thought that you could be anything you wanted to be?

An astronaut?  A Fireman?  A Doctor?

I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore, or “That Girl.” Both of my idols were young, single, happy women who lived and worked in the “big city.”  So what did I do when I graduated from college?

I took my young, single self to Manhattan and began my career.

Goal achieved.

But, like so many others, I lost my ability to dream, or create a new goal for myself.  Life got in the way.  There were jobs to do.  Errands to run.  Bills to pay.  It wasn’t until my life completely blew up that I was jolted awake.

What the heck was I doing?  Where did I want to end up?

I wanted to be an ENTREPRENEUR.  I wanted to CHANGE THE WORLD.

When I forget that I can change the world, I watch this video.

Entrepreneurs can be anyone… including YOU.
Seize the opportunity to create the job you’ve always wanted.
Help heal the economy.
Make a difference.
But, most importantly, remember when you were a kid,
When everything was within your reach…

Then say to yourself, quietly, with DETERMINATION,



The Power of Focus


It’s time… join me.



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