Inspiration Mondays – The Power of Focus

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Jun 10

The Power of Focus Wasn’t With Me This Morning

As I’m writing this, I’m all over the place.

I sat down about an hour ago, fully intending to write this post. In the past hour, I’ve…

    • Checked my Facebook page,
    • Met With a new associate
    • Strolled over to my husband’s office to say “good morning,”
    • Answered a message on Skype,
    • Checked out my Empower Network “Pending Commissions,”
    • Called a friend,
    • Berated myself mentally for not finishing my meditation this morning
    • Cut up some cantaloupe and ate it
    • Checked my email

Do you ever experience this lack of power of focus and concentration?

I know… everyone does.

Nothing get’s done when we’re lacking focus.  A lot of “busy work” takes place, but nothing actually gets accomplished.

The Power of Focus

But, here’s the best part.  You can decide to take advantage of the power of focus right now.  All it takes is that decision to “move forward, confidently in the direction of your dreams,” (Thoreaux).

An Inspiring Example of the Power of Focus

Where is your focus?  Is it moving you toward creating something as spectacularly moving as this example of beauty and a feather?

I would argue that your life is a thing of beauty.  Live it.  Live it large.  But, concentrate, focus on moving toward the best life you can, because, as far as I know, this is the one life we have, so we better make it a great one.


The Power of Focus




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