Karla Silver – Bestselling Author?

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Sep 27

It just sounds weird… “Karla Silver, Bestselling Author.”  Try it out… [insert YOUR name here] – bestselling author.

Karla Silver, Bestselling Author?

I know… right?

I never set out to be a writer, so I’m not.  But what I am is passionate about is helping people DESIGN their lives, so writing about my purpose is easy.  Thinking about being “Karla Silver… Bestselling Author” is just… well… weird!

What is amazing about being so connected with my purpose is that I was selected by the great Brian Tracy (if you don’t know who he is… Google him) to be part of his book, “Change Agents.”  As a result of his invitation to co-author his book, I’m a bestselling author… AGAIN!

I’m writing this post from the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, where I’m set to receive a “Quilly” Award from the National Academy of Bestselling Authors tomorrow night!

How cool is that?

I was super-lucky to be picked to be an “Expert” on a topic that I’m super-passionate about – LIFESTYLE DESIGN.

I truly believe that anyone… ANYONE… even YOU can actually “design” your life.

I’ve done it.  And… so can you.  You can read my ideas around Lifestyle Design here.

But, back to being a bestselling author.

I guess I’m feeling like anyone that has been nominated for an award that is significant….

What am I going to wear on the red carpet?


Do I need to have someone do my makeup?  What about my dress, and really.. how do I stand like those stars on the BIG red carpets look good in their pictures… how do they stand and where do they hold their hands???

Wish me luck!  I can’t wait!

By the way… here’s the book:


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