Mid-Year Progress Analysis

By Karla Silver | Business

Jun 30

I'm not sure what happened! June is OVER.  Yikes!

Feeling like I might be behind, I decided to take another look at the goals I set in January and what I had hoped to achieve by now. I learned a few surprising things: while I am not ‘on track' with where I hoped to be by this point, I've accomplished quite a lot. Much — if not most — of what I've done wasn't even on that January list. But that's okay; the wonderful thing about goals is their ability to evolve and change as you do.

In looking over my goals for the year, I came up with a few questions I found useful to ponder as I reviewed my year-to-date progress.

1) What have I done? Start off this process on a good note by reviewing and celebrating what you have accomplished so far this year — even if it wasn't on your original to-do list.
2) What haven't I done (and does it still matter)? Are there any projects I started earlier this year that I still haven't finished? If so, are they still a priority? If not, let no big deal — let them go. But if they are still important to you, then schedule time in your calendar right now to get them done
3) What's left? — What are my goals for the rest of the year? How can I achieve those goals? What do I need in order to accomplish them? What can I take off my plate to allow time to bring them into fruition?

I also wanted to end on a positive note. So I added:

4) What am I grateful for this year?
5) Where do I want to be one year from today? What's one step I can take today to head in that direction?

All-in-all it took about an hour for me to journal about these questions, but I left with more clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I hope you find this mid-year check-in as helpful as I did.

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