Ninja LinkedIn (and Almost Free) Strategy for Lead Generation

By Karla Silver | Free Marketing Training

Feb 20

As online marketers we are always looking for super easy and inexpensive ways to generate leads for our business.

This ninja strategy costs a whopping $50 and can bring your leads for the rest of your life.

PLUS, it's super-easy.

See for yourself in the short video above.

LinkedIn's stats are pretty amazing:

250 million users in over 200 countries
37% of users access LinkedIn every day
>40% make more than $100k

PLUS, most users quadruple their useage while they are “in transition”

You can grab the software I mention on the webinar here.

Here's a sample response email:

Subject Line:  Hey, Thanks!

Hey there,

It's great to be connected with you!

I help individuals and business owners do two things:

1)    Help individuals find a way to generate a substantial income utilizing online business models

2)    Help business owners generate leads online.

My company has developed a video that details how internet marketing works, and how anyone can build their influence online.

I'd love to give you a free copy!  Grab the video here. (PUT YOUR LINK HERE)

All the very best,

Be creative!  The email above is actually pretty boring so go and make it your own.  Do NOT send a cheesy sales letter. 🙂

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