Benefits of working Privately with Karla

Have you ever found yourself repeating patterns of behavior in your life that do not serve you or move you towards your greatest self?

Are you not getting the results you are looking for in your business, life or health?

Most people aren’t living up to their highest potential. It’s a very human condition and the fundamental reason that all high performing athletes, business persons and professionals seek the advice and help of coaches.

The role of a coach is to see what you yourself cannot see and to put your attention on overcoming the limitations of hidden fears, doubts, excuses, negative thoughts and behaviors.

As your coach, Karla, will help you to get clear on your highest purpose and goals. You will discover what you truly want for your life and develop a plan of action to get there.

With access to Karla’s vast entrepreneurial and life experience, as well as her contacts, you will find resolution and the ability to achieve levels of personal and professional success that have escaped your grasp in the past.

  • Increased Clarity and Self-Confidence
  • Make more money in less time
  • Develop key habits and kill bad ones
  • Sustainable, long-term change
  • No nonsense coaching
  • Develop super-clear goals and a path to get there
  • Achieve your previous unrealized Goals
  • Faster, Easier results than working by Yourself
  • Focused, individualized and Personal Attention
  • Increased Confidence (deeper understanding & greater insight into decision making)
  • Greater understanding of your life's purpose and how to bring your life more into alignment with who you really are.

Not all coaching applicants are accepted into Karla’s personal coaching program. Acceptance is based on the following criteria:

  • Level of personal commitment and focus.
  • Ability to allocate time to focus and work towards your personal goals.
  • Willingness to accept coaching and follow a plan of action.

Once you and Karla decide that the relationship will help you achieve exponential levels of success, you can choose one of the following packages.


BasicThis Coaching Package is perfect for the person that is looking to get results fast in one area.

Includes 5 sessions completed within a 60 day period: $1997 - price increase coming August 2015

Premium – This Coaching Package is ideal for people already involved with one of Karla’s programs and are wanting to integrate growth on additional areas of their life, or those who just need a little tweak to create the shift they want.

Includes 12 sessions completed within a 120 day period: $3597 - price increase coming August 2015

VIP – This Coaching Package is designed for people who are interested in a comprehensive shift in their life, with the opportunity to focus on many areas and emphasis on serious issues and income goals. The VIP Coaching Package is for people who are ready for serious, profound and sometime drastic shift on an accelerated time line.

Includes 24 sessions completed within a 240 day period: $6597 - price increase coming August 2015

*How to Get Your First Session Free. As a potential coaching client, your first session is complimentary, when you join Karla in her business. During this session, Karla will help you determine the fastest path to getting you from where you are today to where you want to be. (There will be homework for you to complete before the class so that you can benefit FAST from Karla’s Coaching)