Super Saturday Spirit Sale is ON April 20th!

By Karla Silver | Empower Network

Apr 19

Super Saturday Spirit Sale

One of the most gratifying things about being an entrepreneur is to be able to dream up an idea and then simply execute on it.

My marketing partner, Amy Scott Grant came up with an amazing idea just over five weeks ago… to gather together some of the best names in the field of…

human potential, peak performance coaching, positive psychology, the science of happiness, spiritual health, well being, personal development, self-improvement and entrepreneurial endeavor, and have them put their products for sale for one day at incredibly low prices.

Super Saturday Spirit Sale was Born

What has been the most amazing aspect of this effort has been the welcoming reception we’ve received by so many of these extraordinarily successful individuals.

Almost everyone we contacted to be part of the Super Saturday Spirit Sale agreed to provide, not only one of their life-changing products for sale, but DONATED at least one other product as a PRIZE or gift for attending the Super Saturday Spirit Sale!

Professionals like:

  • Tom Hopkins
  • Natalie Ledwell
  • Lauren Miller/Les Brown
  • Jerry Clark
  • Marna Thall
  • Joe Nunziata
  • Brad Yates
  • And so many others…

have joined forces with us for Super Saturday Spirit Sale, Saturday April 20th from 1-3:30 EST at

Super Saturday Spirit Sale – Watch the Video Here:

We have more than $10,000 in prizes that will be given away to many, many lucky attendees,


A very lucky charity, the Chopra Foundation, will receive 10% of all the proceeds.

Tune in to the Super Saturday Spirit Sale, this Saturday, April 20th from 1-3:30 PM EST at

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