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Jul 05

I was thinking about all the different stories we tell ourselves and how we can actually change the stories we tell ourselves and change our results. It's really the stories we tell ourselves that impact our results.  

Let me relate a couple of incidents of how telling yourself a better story will give you better results…

While Don and I were in Puerto Rico we passed the pool, where a lot of the top earners in the industry were hanging out, our friend said to his wife,  “Someday we might be able to be just like them.” She brilliantly replied, “If you constantly think you are different from these top earners, than you are never gonna have their results.”


Instantly something switched in his head and he went on to make millions and millions in the industry.

Personally, I have always been terrible at sports that involved anything with hitting balls.  I have told myself this story… “I am no good at sports where I have to hit a ball. for years and years.

Don and I live in Palm Springs, which has about a gazillion golf courses, so… we thought that we would take golf lessons so that we could get out there on the course and have some fun.  

Better StoriesBut golf involves hitting balls! So, I thought that I would change that story.

All of you who golf, know you have to hit a lot of balls before you actually go out and golf. While learning to hit the ball, I told myself,  I am an amazing golfer.  Over and over…changing my story.

At first the results surprised me, but my swing improved and I became good at hitting the ball simply by changing how I told my story.

The way you tell your story impacts everything you do in life. Are you ready to rewrite your story?

I would love to hear your thoughts on how telling a better story has improved your results.

Be Awesome!


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