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By Karla Silver | Don and Karla Silver

Feb 04

Cool Results from Last Week's Survey

First of all, thank you to all of you that took the time to complete our survey on what you guys want to receive from us.  The last thing we want to do is send you stuff you don't want.

It was a simple 3-question survey. The results were super cool, so we'll share them with you here (You can watch or read or BOTH) 🙂

You originally responded to an ad about an internet-based business. What is most important to you in finding a business of your own? (Please rank your answers)

42.42%    Income potential

19.70%    Clear step-by-step instructions

22.73%    Valuable, in-demand products

7.58%      Company leadership

3.03%      Team environment

4.55%      I'm not really looking for a business, I just like getting your emails 🙂

What kind of information is most interesting to you? (Check all that apply)

67.69%    Internet marketing “how-tos”

63.08%    Wealth generation tips

58.46%    Info on home based businesses

49.23%    Personal Development Ideas

40%          Productivity information

38.46%    Inspiration

How often would you prefer to receive emails from us? (Please select one answer.)

65.15%    Whenever you have something useful to share

25.76%    Once a week

6.06%       Twice a week

3.03%        Never (if this is the case, then please unsubscribe! 🙂 )
So watch your email – we're going to put together some cool stuff on the topics that YOU want to hear about.

(And so much more!)

Again, thank you for being YOU.  We believe that you can be, do or have anything you want.

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