How to Create Credibility Even When You Are Just Starting Out

By Karla Silver | Business

Aug 30

Judy Wells, a member of the Top Producer Mastermind and the  Zero to Hero Online Mastermind Facebook group asked this great question…

“What do I have to offer my prospects, besides my company's awesome opportunity, to have them to join me, if I am not able to say I am a big trainer or I have not made a ton of money?”

There are 3 simple things you can do on a daily basis to entice your prospects to get started with you.

Celebrate every single win even if they seem tiny.

Your prospects and the people on your list are watching you. So whether it is your first lead or the first person to get started with you, celebrate that by sending out an email even if its the tiniest thing.

Celebrate the winning moments of your team members.


The second thing is that you have people all over your company that are experiencing tremendous wins. Celebrate the winning moments of your team members. Celebrate anything from generating their first lead to making their first sale or their first $5000 month. Send that information out!

There is nothing wrong with “piggy backing” on the success of the successful leaders in your company, while creating your own success. Celebrating other team member’s wins is attractive to your prospects! You are where you are because of the people you have aligned yourself with.

Get to a company event.

Get to an event, grab a leader in your business and do a video with them. Ask them questions as they relate to the secret of their success or the turning point in their business. Attending company events and interviewing leaders makes you real, lets your prospects know that you are taking your business serious, and they know you are working alongside that leader to get where you want to be and to help your prospects get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Stay tuned for more help videos on engaging with your prospects. Zero to Hero Online Mastermind groupIf you haven’t joined our Zero to Hero Online Mastermind group go over to Facebook and join. We are there 24/7 sharing tips and information on how to take your network marketing business to the next level.

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