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Free Chrome Extensions That I Use Every Day

Free Chrome Extensions That I Use Every Day

Ah… productivity….

Chrome extensions are small apps that you can install in your browser to help you…

…get stuff done…stay focused…keep track of your goals…execute tasks more efficiently…remember your passwords (and credit card numbers for easy online purchasing)And so much more.

In this quick video I share with you the Chrome extensions that I use every day.

A Love Note to My Direct Sales Peeps…

A Love Note to My Direct Sales Peeps…

I know it’s really hard sometimes to be in direct sales…Oh yeah… I have been there, my friend. I’ve been there, done that.

You’re filled with hope and know that you can reach your goals, but it seems like everywhere you turn, people are turning you down and referring to your biz as, “One of those things…” ?

But don’t give up!

Don’t. ?

There are people you don’t even know yet that are counting on you to keep going.

People like me.?‍♀️

About 15 years ago, I didn’t know I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body.

I had been downsized and was floundering in a sea of uncertainty because I knew… I just KNEW that I didn’t want to go back to a traditional job.

But I didn’t know what else I COULD do…

Then someone introduced me to the world of home business. My entire paradigm shifted. I saw a way out of sacrificing my entire LIFE for a paycheck.

Someone sharing a direct sales opportunity with me literally saved my life…

It saved me from a life of working for someone else doing something that didn’t fill me up.

It saved me from a life of doing what everyone else wanted me to do, instead of figuring out who I really am, what I love to do, and then having the courage to go out there and DO IT.

My first home business was the first STEP to discovering who I really was, and what I was meant to do.

I wanted to write this note to all of the amazing women (and men) who are out there sharing the message that others can be their own boss and live life on their own terms. You are the “hope dealers” that are saving people and families from a life of unrealized dreams.

Keep going.

You are planting seeds. You’re helping people learn how to break out of their comfort zone. You’re shifting their paradigm of what life COULD be like.

You’re helping people crush their limiting beliefs and dream bigger for themselves and their family.

Don’t ever stop sharing your message. The world NEEDS you to share it loud and proud.

Now a little bit of advice to keep your fire burning bright…

You must do the GROWTH work necessary to reach the goals you’ve set.

You can do it.

The only reason you aren’t where you want to be right now, is that there is growth that’s necessary before you can hit those goals. Don’t begrudge the journey to the top, embrace it. It will make you a stronger, wiser and more compassionate leader.

And when you build your team, encourage them to up their growth game too.

Lead by example.

But remember, friend. Your job is to just plant the seeds. Know that not every seed you plant will bloom on your team.

Plant them anyway. ?

I have become a much better person because of my direct sales experience.

I also found my passion, which is helping entrepreneurs around the world to get the clarity, confidence, and strategy they need to boost their income and level of influence without working longer hours.

I GET TO work from home and inspire entrepreneurs every single day. ?

I even fulfilled my dream of writing a book— now that book is transforming lives around the world.

And 2019 will bring another book. ?

ALL of this happened because someone shared a direct sales opportunity with me 15 years ago.

So thank you. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

I know that things aren’t always easy in direct sales.

Facing rejection after rejection can sting really badly. Losing team members that you worked SO hard to help can make you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.

But you’re doing very IMPORTANT work friend, so keep moving forward. You are transforming people’s lives.

That’s exactly why I decided that I had to do more to equip amazing entrepreneurs like you to be fearless and keep fighting for your dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

➡️ So I created the Clever Girl Playbook to help you develop the skills you need to become who you were meant to be.

If you’ve gotten this far in the really, really, (sorry it’s so crazy long) post…then I would love nothing more than to link arms with you and help you to become the entrepreneur you were born to be. ?

I hope to see you inside Clever Girl Playbook, but regardless of whether you join us or not, know this…

I believe in you.

You matter.

Thank you for bringing more hope to the world!



Join us inside Clever Girl Playbook, I know you will ? it!


When is “Good Enough,” Good Enough?

When is “Good Enough,” Good Enough?

So I bought a SMOVE… ?? which is a super-cool, smartphone video stabilizer that is really a selfie-stick with LOTS of pro features added. (I recorded an un-boxing video below.)

Last night I started learning how to use it and promptly thought… “Crap, this is going to take me longer than just 15 minutes to understand.” ?

So I experienced a little frustration… so what?

Then this morning, I happened to run into a blog post by Seth Godin talking about people that settle for “good enough.”

He writes about people that are “good enough” at their craft or work and get complacent with where they are in life, in their business or in their relationships.

When is it OK to “give up on learning something?” When is good enough, just that… good enough?

I really don’t know the answers to those questions, but it makes me think about where in my life I might be settling for “good enough” and not pushing myself to get through those first frustrating moments, days, weeks or months to reach a new “better.”

I’ve never seen myself as a quitter, but I have quit along the way on learning something, so I guess that makes me a “selective quitter.”

I’m a big believer in “good enough.”

In order to take massive action in my business, I almost always settle for good enough.

If I waited until I got something perfect, Don and I would probably still be looking for change in the couch and eating macaroni and cheese. ??

Most importantly, I have been willing to be “dumb on the way to being smart.”

Still am.

(I still really don’t know much about my iPhone) 🙂


The First Fifteen Minutes- Seth Godin

Learning something new is frustrating. It involves being dumb on the way to being smart.

Once we get good enough (at our tools, at our work) it’s easier and easier to skip learning how to do the next thing, because, hey, those fifteen minutes are a hassle.

Learning to use the new fax machine, or a different interface on the voice mail or even, yikes, a new version of Photoshop. (I confess that I dropped off the Photoshop train a half dozen versions ago, much to my chagrin.)

And so we get in the habit of giving a half effort, not really reading the instructions, shrugging our shoulders and moving on. The professional in us that was always eager to find tools that added leverage becomes the complacent coaster, defending what’s on the table as ‘good enough’.

The problem with evaluating the first fifteen minutes of frustration is that we easily forget about the 5,000 minutes of leverage that frustration earns us if we stick it out.

Yes, Isaac Asimov typed all 400 of his books on a manual typewriter. But I’m glad Cory Doctorow has a laptop.


Here’s the Unboxing Video for SMOVE

Productivity Hacks: Theme Your Days

Productivity Hacks: Theme Your Days



“How To Create A Powerful Plan To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet”


Becoming more efficient – Theming your days

Becoming more efficient, getting more done, accomplishing tasks and projects that will actually move the needle for your business: now that feels great!

I want to help you not only experience that feeling once but learn how to leverage simple techniques and tactics in your own business so that feeling becomes a regular one for you.

Theming your days

About a year ago I implemented a simple technique that has helped me become more efficient, get more done and make more money in my business, and I’m writing this post to share how you can implement the same technique in your business.

It’s called theming your days.

Establish your themes

First part is simple: what themes are required in your business (and all the other areas of your life) in order to make it run? Or, in other words, what do you do on a regular basis that actually creates your business?

Some examples might be:

  • Creating video
  • Writing blog posts
  • Emailing a weekly newsletter to my list
  • Hosting webinars
  • Hosting a Facebook group
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Lead generation

…you get the idea.

Now pick 4 to 5 themes that are recurring for you and that, together, create your business.

Schedule it

Once you have your themes, create a schedule around them, giving each day of your “work week” a theme.

Here’s what this might look like:


You’ll notice that the greater part of each of my days has a theme:

Sunday’s theme: Plan

Sundays are my day to review, adjust and plan.  I take a look at where I am relative to my weekly goals (for all areas of my life that I’m working on at the time), make adjustments and plan my next week with the goal of executing on my game changer as fast as possible so that I can take the next most significant step in my business.


Monday’s theme: Write

Monday’s are my writing days, so whether it’s a blog post, an email newsletter, or a training that I’m working on, Monday is when I’m going to be focusing in on that single theme and getting everything I need for that week (or the next) completed.

Tuesday’s theme: Content Creation

Tuesdays are my content creation days.  This is the day of the week when I’m focusing on creating the content for my courses.

Whether it’s Clever Girl Playbook, the Top Producer Academy, Facebook LIVES, marketing videos, videos for my network marketing business, Tuesday is the day that I focus on these projects

Possible Themes

You know your business.  You know your life.

Here are a few ideas that will help you execute on themes.

Content Creation

Random Act of Kindness Day
Make my husband happy day

I think you get it.

Don’t make themes around the following topics.  They should be done EVERY day in your business:

  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting

Do the work

Two major reasons why theming your days works – why you’re able to be more efficient, get more done, and make more money in your business – are:

  1. You no longer wake up asking yourself, “What should I work on today?
  2. You don’t have to readjust and refocus 3 to 4 times throughout the day as you jump from one unrelated task to the next.

But theming your days is only going to help you be more efficient, get more done, and make more money in your business if you actually do the work.

Theming isn’t a way for you to be able to just say you’re going to do something.

Theming isn’t meant to be used in order to draw up a bunch of plans and then not take the first step towards implementing them.

Theming isn’t about sitting and thinking about how you don’t really feel like doing it…

Just Do The Work.

Get yourself in your theme zone, because guess what?… You don’t have to get out of that zone when you’re working within a theme for an entire day!

What about daily or unexpected tasks?

Of course, there are always going to be those daily tasks or “unexpected” things that come up in any given day – tasks that need to be taken care of right away that you didn’t necessarily plan for.

Some of your daily tasks might include:

  • Email
  • Customer service
  • Community engagement (social media)
  • Team building
  • Lead generation
  • Getting new business builders started

And some unexpected tasks might include:

  • Uh… your LIFE???

The daily tasks will remain daily, but with theming, you have to become very disciplined as to not crush the time you’ve promised to your daily theme. This might mean using an online timer to remind you that 1.5 hours on Facebook isn’t necessarily going to ensure great community engagement 🙂

As for the unexpected tasks, once you’re in a solid rhythm with your themes, you’ll start to find that those come up less and less frequently.

How so?

Because when you actually stick to your schedule and do what you have planned, you won’t find yourself up against the wall to publish that next Facebook LIVE episode, blog post, or email newsletter like you used to.

As for the unexpected tasks that will inevitably come up: set aside a break in your day, or perhaps as you’re wrapping up your day, to tend to any loose ends you’ve encountered throughout the day.

Remember: the power of theming is that you’re not skipping from one task to a totally unrelated one – don’t let unexpected tasks break your theme focus. You’ll get it done, it just might not be for another couple of hours 🙂

Are you in?

I’m not just writing about stuff that “might work” here.

So whether you love planning and processes or not, I think we can agree that you do love building and growing your business.

So, are you in?