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Deadly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Business

You might know this already, but I’m an introvert.


A painful introvert.

(That explains the biggest reason why I’ve never done the “friends and family” thing.)

So… how did I get to be one of the top 50 Internet Marketers in the Direct Sales industry (BusinessforHome.org)?

I buckled down and educated myself. Duh.

I didn’t have any special “luck,” or “aptitude.”  I didn’t have special access to an internet guru, or some amazing upline that showed me everything to do…


Except this: I knew I needed to educate myself.

So, I decided that I would spend part of every Sunday doing just that.

One month of Sundays, I focused on online classified advertising.  I learned what worked and what didn’t, and then spent the next few months of Sundays implementing what I had figured out.  (I still generate most of my leads this way, and it still works, btw.)

Then I focused on Google AdWords.  Learning AdWords took a whole lotta Sundays, but eventually I got good enough at that as well.

And I could go on and on.

However, I made some massive mistakes along the way.  These things nearly killed my business.

Before I tell you about the ones that almost took me out of the game, I want to share some of the traps I missed along the way.

I don’t want you to fall into these traps!

The things that I did RIGHT.

1.       Allocated time to learn.  If it’s not planned for and ON your calendar, it probably won’t happen.  We live in a world of distraction, and it will always win unless you are focused.

2.       Established a habit. It became my habit to always spend some time on Sundays to learn something.

3.       Set my own expectations correctly.  I didn’t expect to get to know a subject in a day.  I didn’t expect results to happen quickly either.  I expected to master a subject, so I did.

4.       I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes.​​​​​​​

5.       I IMPLEMENTED. I’m going to share the traps I fell into… big time.

Here’s the biggest one…

Learning too many things all at the same time.

This was a huge mistake I made, and is the #1 MISTAKE I see other marketers make.

Our minds can only really focus on one thing at a time, and when we’re trying to learn too many things all at once, overwhelm, decision fatigue and frustration settle in.

And worst of all, context switching (switching from one task to another) sucks our time dry.  As it turns out multi-tasking is a learning killer.

The key to success is to master and implement one thing at a time.

I see too many people buying course after course and then making my second mistake…

Because I was trying to learn so much all at the same time, I didn’t have time to implement everything that I was learning.

What a waste of time, energy, money and opportunity.

I can’t even calculate all the opportunity that I missed by not strategically planning what I needed to learn and breaking it down into manageable pieces and then…

Allocating my time accordingly.

Our time is soooo valuable.  I get so many questions about how to effectively get stuff done AND build a profitable business.

Don’t waste your time scrolling on social media, doing too many things at once, watching TV (yeah, I said it) or worrying about what other people think.

I heard this somewhere… what people think is none of your business.



Karla Silver

Karla is an online marketing expert, coach, speaker, two-time award-winning bestselling author and has been voted into the top 50 online marketers in direct sales. Karla helps entrepreneurs build and automate their businesses online.


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