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How Much Can You Improve Your Life In 100 Days?

There are exactly 100 days left in 2013.

100 Days!

What could you do to live your best life in the next 100 days?

There is so much that you can do in a very short period of time.

Believe it or not, if you were truly motivated, in 100 days you could…

  1. Learn a new language

  2. Lose 30 pounds

  3. Add another significant income stream to your portfolio

  4. Make a new best friend

  5. Write a bestselling book

The list can go on and on…

Here are 12 (plus one extra credit bonus) changes that you can implement in the next 100 days to improve your life.


Everyday, write down something that you are grateful for in your partner or family.

Select a “de-clutter” day of the week, and make a calendar, so in the next 100 days (14 weeks, you will have de-cluttered 14 areas of your home). For example:

Week One: De-clutter books
Week Two: De-clutter DVDs
Week Three: De-clutter closet
Week Four: De-clutter junk drawer in kitchen


For the next 100 days, pay for everything with paper money and keep any change that you receive. Then, put all of your change in a jar and see how much money you can accumulate in 100 days.

Set an 1-2 hours aside every day for the next 100 days to devote to creating one source of passive income. According to The New York Daily News the average person watches 34 hours of television per week. Just think… if you just turned OFF the television, what could you do with that time? (HINT: that’s what we did.)

If you can’t stand the idea of not watching your favorite programs, then record only those
programs you cannot live without seeing. When you do watch them after you’ve done
your “income producing activities” you can fast forward through all the ads. It always amazes me just how little “program” there is compared to advertising.


I love this one… For the next 100 days make it a point to feed your mind with the thoughts, words, and images that are most consistent with who you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to achieve.

Smile – the benefits of smiling and laughing are many. If you can’t find anything to
make you smile every day for 100 days invest in a good joke book or find one on the
web. Failing that, clamp a pencil between your teeth lengthwise so it sticks out across
your cheeks, believe it or not you will feel so ridiculous you will have to smile. Actually
it forces your mouth into the right position and that may be just enough to lift your

Health Fitness

Set your alarm a minute earlier every day for the next 100 days. Then make sure that you get out of bed as soon as your alarm rings, open the windows to let in some sunlight, and do some light stretching. In 100 days you’ll be waking up an hour and forty minutes earlier than you’re waking up now.

For the next 100 days, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy health tip. Not only will you fill your body with great nutrition, but you’ll feel too full to eat that dessert or extra helping of potatoes.

BONUS TIP FOR EXTRA CREDIT AND REAL CHANGE: Choose one food that constantly sabotages your efforts to eat healthier—whether it’s the decadent cheesecake from the bakery around the corner, deep-dish pizza, or your favorite potato chips—and go cold turkey for the next 100 days.


Connect with someone new every day for the next 100 days, whether it’s by greeting a neighbor you’ve never spoken to before, following someone new on Twitter, leaving a comment on a blog you’ve never commented on before, and so on.

For the next 100 days, make it a point to associate with people you admire, respect and want to be like. If you want to improve any area of your life, it is important to hang out with people that have already achieved what you are looking for. If you want to be in a better relationship, hang out with people that have great relationships. If you want to be a better tennis player, play with people that are better players. If you want to make more money in your life, hang out with people that are making more money than you.


Make it a point to learn at least one new thing each day: the name of a flower that grows in your garden, the capital of a far-off country, or the name of a piece of classical music you hear playing in your favorite clothing boutique as you shop. If it’s time for bed and you can’t identify anything you’ve learned that day, take out your dictionary and learn a new word.

Take a course online. There are literally THOUSANDS of free, college-level courses on almost any topic. Recently, my husband Don and I completed “The Modern World: Global History Since 1760,” a 15 week course given by the University of Virginia on Coursera.org. Check out the following cool places for free courses: Coursera.org, Udacity.com, iTunes University, etc.

Improve Your Life in 100 Days

It is truly unbelievable what you can accomplish with a little motivation and focus. We believe that you can accomplish anything you want.

Yep, anything!

Name it and claim it baby!

Karla Silver

Karla is an online marketing expert, coach, speaker, two-time award-winning bestselling author and has been voted into the top 50 online marketers in direct sales. Karla helps entrepreneurs build and automate their businesses online.


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