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Labor Day “I MUST BE INSANE” Special Promotion

OK… My husband Don thinks I’m INSANE to be giving so much stuff away.

KarlaHis comment was, “You are GIVING all this away when people get started for only $25?”

I said, “YEP, PLUS I’m giving them a 100% satisfaction guaranteed too!”

Don said, “What the heck does that mean?”

I said, “Well, it means that after they get in, kick the tires, get their business set up and the bonus stuff from us, they can ask for their money back! There’s no risk at all!”

Don replied, “You are NUTS!”

I know I’m nuts, but I’m determined to help as many people as I can and that means helping YOU to make the best decision that you could ever make.

The statistics scare the living daylights out of me, and should scare you too. ONE in 100 people that reach retirement age have enough money to retire!


We can help change that statistic by teaching you the most valuable skill in the world right now. That skill has enabled us, regardless of the…

  • economy
  • where we live
  • what our circumstances are

To build a financial wall around ourselves and our family that will take us waaay past retirement.

What is that skill you ask?


See, if you know how to market on the internet (where almost everything is bought and sold now), you can survive anything, even your kids college tuition bill!

By the way, for those of you that have children, the average college tuition bill is $200,000 per kid. Average.

Empower Network’s Internet Marketing education is worth it’s weight in gold. You can choose to use the education to market anything, including the opportunity. It is the best investment in education you could ever buy to insure your future against whatever might happen.

Click on the link below and get your sign up done.


This promotion expires at Midnight, Sunday, September 1st.

Here’s the deal. You get started, complete the Fast Start Video Tutorials, claim all your bonuses, we’ll even spend time with you to develop a personalized business plan, and if, after that, you don’t want to continue, simply call me up and ask for a refund. We’ll immediately refund your $25.

Cool, huh?


Karla Silver

Karla is an online marketing expert, coach, speaker, two-time award-winning bestselling author and has been voted into the top 50 online marketers in direct sales. Karla helps entrepreneurs build and automate their businesses online.


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