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The My Best Life Challenge

Congratulations on Making the Choice to join the
My Best Life Challenge

So, What Do You Get When You Join?

Here are the Membership Levels The Empower Network Offers 100% Commissions from:

Basic Empower Network Membership (you pay $25 / monthly)

  • As an affiliate, when you sell a Basic membership, you earn $25/mo as long as your customer is active!

Includes basic access to the ‘core checklist’ fast start training, a viral blogging and marketing system and the ability to earn monthly $25 commissions instantly deposited into your bank account from members who join at the basic level.

The ‘Inner Circle’ Membership (you pay $100 / monthly)

  • As an affiliate, when you sell an Inner Circle membership, you earn $100/mo as long as your customer is active!

Includes access to the ‘ Inner Circle’ training library and the ability to earn monthly $100 commissions instantly deposited into your bank account from members who join the ‘Inner Circle’. This is a goldmine! No matter what, if you want to learn how to market, where to market, how to increase sales, etc, having access to this inner circle is the only way you are going to do it. Disclaimer: Don’t try to stay at the $25 level, AND BUG YOUR ME TO DEATH about all the exact things you would learn as a member of the inner circle. Be your own boss, take control of your success. If you are going to take an action step, be serious about the step and get busy!

The Costa Rica Intensive Training (you pay $500 / one time)

  • As an affiliate, when you sell a Costa Rica membership, you earn $500 ONE-TIME!

Access to the entire ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive’ video series delivered in high definition, and the ability to earn one-time $500 commission instantly deposited into your bank account from members who purchase the ‘Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive’ video series. This is the video of a private mastermind retreat David did at his home in Costa Rica where each attendee paid $2997 to enter, and still had to pay for airfare and other travel arrangements. YOU, on the other hand, have the chance to access this training and witness the breakthroughs and gain insider knowledge of really being successful in this business for a 1-time $500. If you don’t see the benefits of this now, just wait. Once you get your membership, you’ll soon get the picture! :)

The $15K/Mo Formula Training (you pay $1,000 / one time):

  • As an affiliate, when you sell a $15k/mo Formula membership, you earn $1,000 ONE-TIME!

(By the way, this is Hands-down The Most Comprehensive and USEFUL Training I’ve EVER experienced online!!!)

  • You’ll be taken inside the secret ‘Scientific’ money getting methods of the rich, and be shown a process, and have a formula shown to you that literally, will walk you through the step by step process of how you can create instant, daily cash flow ‘on demand’ in any business…
  • Discover the quickest, shortest way to generate leads in your very first week. Follow this step-by-step blueprint and virtually guarantee your success with the $15k Formula
  • Bonus Strategy #1… Social Media Advertising: With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google, you can build an online Empire on a limited budget. We’ll show you the step-by-step ‘Van Man’ method of creating wealth on demand.
  • Bonus Strategy #2… Solo Ad Mastery: Where to place your ads… what to say, and more. This single method can be used to build an opt in email list of 1,000 prospects a day – even if you’re brand new. You’ll learn how you can start getting 1,000 leads a day, within 90 days or less.
  • Bonus Strategy #3… Offline Profit Mastery: How to scale your advertising where there’s no competition, and grow a ‘buyer’s list’ from Magazine Ads, direct mail, and more. This is the secret to growing your business ‘competition free’ and be completely hands free…

The Masters Course (you pay $3,500 / one time):

  • As an affiliate, when you sell a Masters Course membership, you earn $3,000 ONE-TIME!

We recently held this mind blowing event for just 100 people. They each paid $5000.00 to be there. And you bet your butt it was worth every nickel. Because this is where the ultra-serious BadAsses go.

This system is the tipping point that causes massive breakthroughs. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that frankly, most people never get.

But, what if you could…

Dramatically SHORTCUT the learning curve and start getting what you want RIGHT NOW?

That’s what the Masters Course is all about.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover…

  • How to stop the vicious circle you’re in and start getting results NOW
  • The exact “connect the dots formula” of what to do your first 30 days online to get $10,000.00 a month
  • Moving beyond 10k a month—how to keep scaling up the profits by working less
  • How and when to start replacing yourself with “Systems” that do all the work for you
  • How to choose the best strategy for YOU—so you never get bored, burned out, and you always enjoy what you do
  • Stop listening to the wrong people—We show you REAL people getting REAL results today and how they’re doing it… This is not theory or some other crap that worked ten years ago
  • Getting past self-doubt and becoming the person you truly are meant to be
  • How to make 10 times more money by NOT selling and just telling your story… Don’t think you have a story, you’re wrong and you’ll see why once you’re on the inside
  • Stand on the shoulders of giants—If you’re new this is the easiest way to use the success of others to start making money fast
  • How to do the work ONCE, and get paid over and over for years to come
  • If you believe it, you’re right—How Lawrence didn’t believe he could make 10k a month, so he didn’t. But since he changed his thoughts, he’s had six figure months. You’ll see how inside
  • How to use your strengths to make money and stop wasting time doing what you’re not good at
  • How to start making the right connections with the right people that can elevate you to success lightning fast
  • How to overcome anything no matter how impossible it might seem
  • How to get at least 2 new customers a day like clockwork
  • Secrets of the top earners and how they launch new products to make bank

And so much more…

Yeah, there’s a lot of solid information and tactics here. It’s all about kick starting your success and getting there as fast as possible!

Listen, let’s say you want to get from point A to point B.

You can take the easy way with the Masters Retreat as your guide…

my best life
Or you can take the long windy road full of obstacles getting in your way…

Which road do you think smart marketers choose?

Affiliate Fee (you pay $19.95 / monthly):

  • As an affiliate, there are NO COMMISSIONS paid out when others pay their affiliate fee.
  • Not everyone wants to earn commissions with Empower Network, and that’s okay. You can simply use our platform as a customer.
  • However, if you want to earn commissions, and create an additional stream of income like I am doing, by marketing our products, this affiliate fee must be paid BEFORE you can generate affiliate income from our program. PERIOD!

If you are ready to join the My Best Life Challenge,
get started here:


My Best Life


How Do I Get Paid With The Empower Network?

What You Have Access To With Empower Network :

A Quick Recap

  • A proprietary viral blogging and marketing system complete with graphic, banners and marketing elements ‘done for you’ so you avoid set-up and overwhelm and start creating content online.
  • An 8-part training series that will teach you the simple, core elements you need to get started and into profit, fast with Empower Network.
  • A ‘done for you’ sales funnel that is optimized for increased conversion resulting in 100% commissions deposited into me bank account the minute a new member join.
  • Access to a proprietary commission payment system that will allow you to collect 100% commissions into my bank account instantly, from sales made in Empower Network.

If you are ready to join the My Best Life Challenge,
get started here:


My Best Life


The My Best Life Challenge

THE ULTIMATE BENEFITS and BONUSES you get when you join me for the “My Best Life” Challenge:

Here is just a small sample of some of the strategies I’ll be putting to the test to accomplish my goals this year:

  • Demonstrating a step by step plan for identifying what your Best Life is, and how to create the steps to get there
  • Maximizing your cash streams so you can get out of debt faster, buy your dream home or luxury car in cold hard cash
  • Leveraging the expertise and experience of 7 FIGURE EARNERS for a clear cut path to lifestyle by design – without the frustration or cost of ‘stab in the dark’ trial and error solutions
  • Automating your finances to bank more money (because it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep!)
  • How outsourcing your everyday tasks can make you even more money
  • Harnessing your peak time motivation to last 10x longer
  • Reducing your overall body fat percentage and go from flab to fab and get a beach body
  • How to learn anything and everything by faking genius with these 3 key memory tricks
  • Discover how to life anywhere in the world and still run and business while having fun
  • Uncovering simple and smart strategies to get upgraded to first class for free for ease
  • How to read 300% faster and absorb information like you have a photographic memory in 20 minutes or less
  • Purchasing an Around The World ticket at red tag prices.
  • Understanding your sleep cycle and unlocking the secret to feeling more energized and rested than ever before

You’re probably thinking …how is living my best life even possible? Listen, I’m not that out of my mind, I’m just dead set determined to never live a life of mediocrity when it comes to finances and lifestyle. You have one life to live and it’s yours to decide what to do with it. It’s never too late to change the trajectory you’re on.

It’s not always going to be easy, but I don’t need easy… I just need possible.

Look – this isn’t for everyone and I know that.

There will be people who just won’t ‘get’ what I’m trying to do here…they’ll resist and resist and hold out for the push button solution (deep down they know that it’s no where to be found but perhaps aren’t ready to face that reality) but that’s okay I’m not looking to have gamblers join me – I’m looking for those who are ready to take decisive action and aren’t afraid of a little of work if it leads to the ultimate pay-out, whatever that might be.

If you are ready to join the My Best Life Challenge,
get started here:


My Best Life

Congratulations on taking the first step in the My Best Life Challenge!


Karla Silver

Karla is an online marketing expert, coach, speaker, two-time award-winning bestselling author and has been voted into the top 50 online marketers in direct sales. Karla helps entrepreneurs build and automate their businesses online.


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